AWS Welding Renewal

 This license must be renewed every year. There is no cost to you for the license or any renewals, all fees are paid for by I.M.P.A.C.T.

Along with your new welding license, you will receive a CONTINUITY LOG BOOK from the International. This book must be signed by someone who witnessed you welding. Each page of the book covers a 6 month period, so every year when you go to renew your license you must photocopy 2 pages of the book and mail a copy to the International along with your renewal. There are 22 pages in the CONTINUITY LOG BOOK so it will last you 11 years. It is important that you keep the book and get it signed every 6 months and hold onto it for 11 years. There may come a time when someone will request to see the book and all the signatures.


  1. Have your continuity log book signed every 6 months
  2. RENEW your license EVERY YEAR on time! (copy 2 pages of your continuity log book and mail it in with your renewal)
  3. There is no charge to you as long as you renew on time every year. (If your license expires, you are required to pay to get re-certified)

In an ever changing industry, your hard work and success in mastering the latest technology and skills will allow the Ironworkers Union to remain the top trade in the construction industry. Thank you.

If you have ANY questions regarding your license, please contact Christine Connelly at the Ironworkers International at (202) 383-4814.


Ironworkers Locals 40 & 361
Joint Apprentice Committee

Please check back in March of 2018 for the next recruitment dates