2015 Blood Drive – An Ironworker Tradition

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2015 Blood Drive – An Ironworker Tradition

On October 3, 2015 the JAC school was buzzing with activity as pop music played in the background, creating a festive environment for the annual blood drive. Normally at the school you would find workers in class, welding, rigging or going over structural steel work. This Saturday the shop was filled with beds, as teams from the New York Blood Center were onsite for the annual blood drive.

Members and their families had a chance to socialize while waiting for their turn. In some cases they may be working together on job, classmates in school or old friends that have not seen in more than 30 years. After donating members rest a bit and enjoy the cookies and juice that were provided.

The blood drive has been a tradition at the school since 2007. During the course of the day 257 pints of blood were donated. Ironworkers and their families from locals 361 & 40 came to the school arriving early on their day off to donate. Bryan Brady recalls his father taking him to an Ironworker blood drive when he was 18, stating, “It has become an annual tradition that we would like to pass on”. The blood drive went very well as the beds were in constant use all day. This is one more example of how Ironworkers give back to the community and support each other.

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